Visas :  French, Swiss, Belgian, Luxemburg and Canadian nationals all do not require a visa, provided their stay is of less than 3 months duration.

A passport valid for 6 months beyond date of return and a return ticket are all that is required.


Local time :  12  noon in Paris is 19.00  Kuala Lumpur local time in winter, and 18.00 local time in summer.


Weights and measures : Metric System.


Electricity Supply : 220-240V, 50 Hz.  Plugs are not compatible with the French standard, so you will require an adaptor.


When to visit : It is possible to visit all year round. The rainy season from October to April is not severe, except on the east coast where monsoon weather conditions prevail between November and January during which time many establishments are closed, and sea travel is limited and subject to disruption.

During Ramadan, services can also suffer from delays and disruptions, particularly in the areas of Kelantan and Terengganu.







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